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Beyond whitening

A healthy, aesthetic smile these days is an important part of our life. In recent years, it has become a big fashion to bring our smile into a snow-white form with other words having the Hollywood Smile.

The most effective and safest way to achieve a snow-white smile is to use professional, in-office teeth whitening.

Beyond Tooth Whitening is the most effective method available today in the field of tooth bleaching with up to 7-8 shades of improvement.

During the painless treatment, the dentist treats the teeth with a whitening gel and then activates it with a polymerization light. Discolored teeth become whiter after the treatment. During the procedure, the enamel itself becomes whitened, and by removing the discoloration, the tooth can regain its original whiteness.

The procedure takes approximately one hour and both jaws can be whitened at the same time.


Internal whitening

Depending on the condition of the patient's teeth, the dentist may recommend internal whitening.

When the tooth gets discolored after a root canal treatment the internal whitening could be an optiion, although this method is not suitable for treating discoloration due to fillings, tartar and decayed areas.

During internal whitening, the tooth whitening composition is placed inside the tooth, inside the pulp chamber, which remains active for approximately 3-5 days, and after it the tooth color reaches the desired whiteness.


About the fashion of tooth jewelery

With the help of tooth jewelery, we can make our healthy smile even more enticing. The jewelery is available in different colors, sizes, shapes, small polished Swarovski crystals, possibly precious stones,

which is usually fixed to the teeth by means of a special adhesive technique on the upper incisors or canines.

It takes only a few minutes to set up the tooth and it is completly pain free. The surface of the tooth is not damaged during the application, since the enamel is not drilled at all. After removal, there is no trace, sometimes it falls off spontaneously if it has been in use for a long time.

 It is worth asking for dental hygiene treatment, special tooth cleaning or whitening before applying the jewelery, since a beautifully clean and white tooth looks much nicer on the surface.


Who and Why Need a Bite Lift Rail (Nightguard)?

The daily tension in our body is often processed at night, and this is often manifested in the form of tooth grinding. In addition, it is a common symptom that the jaw clicks when opening the mouth. Many people do not even deal with these jaw problems, although they can have serious consequences.

To ensure that the squeak does not damage the teeth, patients could have night guards. These rails are made of a thin silicon, which the patients have to wear on their dentures at night. 

The rail effectively protects the teeth from pressure and frictional force. The rail also changes the position of the upper and lower dentures relative to one another and ensures that the joint is relaxed.

After a quick and painless impression, the bite lifting bar is prepared by a dental technician using a deep-drawn foil, after which the patient only has to use the device.


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